• Image of Signature Jewellery Box (wholesale)
  • Image of Signature Jewellery Box (wholesale)

Should you not have jewellery boxes at your shop, or should you prefer to sell items using the brand name, please feel free to order jewellery boxes from me. The price is Retail and your wholesale price will be arranged when using your wholesale code. please enquire about this, should you need further clarification.

They are all large letter friendly sizes for retailers whom have online customers.

Add a velvet bag:
You can add a velvet bag to this. The price will then jump to £3.60, and this will again be reduced when using your wholesale code.

Delivery time:
It can take up to 6 weeks to arrange the signature jewellery boxes, but usually less. This will depend on what stock I have available and time of year. Please email me to clarify and I can look into how long exactly it should take for the boxes to be arranged for you.

Delivery charge:
There is an extra delivery charge on jewellery boxes due to their size when posted in bulk. This covers packaging and postage of the signature boxes as well as any jewellery order.